hole meaning in telugu

Word: hole
Meaning of hole in english - opening in a solid object, predicament

Meanings in telugu :

sushi ( సుషి )

Identical words :

hole in the ground - sorangamu ( సొరంగము )
hole made withdrill - irivili ( ఇరివిలి )
hole in the lintel and sill - uttaraasi ( ఉత్తరాసి )
hole made by burglars throughwall - kannamu ( కన్నము )
hole of any kind - gunt ( గుంట )
hole in the groundhowever small - pallamu ( పల్లము )

Synonyms of hole

dent tunnel void crater pocket window gap pit vent cranny excavation covert hollow chasm cistern lair fissure cavity leak cave nick fracture aperture cleft pockmark gash niche shelter nest peephole puncture gorge hovel chink orifice lacuna burrow dimple cavern break cut space mouth crack rent depression scoop passage split vacuity retreat keyhole outlet breach perforation shaft tear chamber eyelet foramen notch dip box corner spot dilemma emergency impasse mess fix quandary scrape difficulty jam imbroglio plight tangle

Antonyms of hole

mountain juncture closing advantage closure solid benefit good fortune calm boon solution peace agreement order ease

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