honest meaning in telugu

Word: honest
 Meaning of honest in english - truthful, candid

Meanings in telugu :

sida ( సీదా )

Synonyms of honest

virtuous genuine straightforward fair impartial decent sincere trustworthy authentic equitable conscientious proper honorable reliable forthright bona fide direct ethical fair and square frank high-minded ingenuous just on the level open outright plain real reputable scrupulous trusty unfeigned upright veracious true above-board law-abiding lay it on the line like it is no lie on the up and up true blue undisguised upfront

Antonyms of honest

counterfeit unreal deceptive dishonest insincere deceitful biased unfair unjust unsuitable untrustworthy unreliable irresponsible fraudulent lying misleading untruthful false devious partial prejudiced unreasonable corrupt

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