house meaning in telugu

Word: house
 Meaning of house in english - human habitat, family, ancestry, business establishment, government body, sometimes elected, responsible for laws

Meanings in telugu :

saal ( సాల )

Identical words :

As noun :
housewife - prōyaalu ( ప్రోయాలు )
household - sansriti ( సంసృతి )
house tax - illari ( ఇల్లరి )
house as distinguished from - kottamu ( కొట్టము )
household stuff - tattumuttu ( తట్టుముట్టు )
house door - talavaakili ( తలవాకిలి )
house hold stuff - todusu ( తొడుసు )
house containing an open area in the middle - bhavanti ( భవంతి )
house in general - vēshamu ( వేశము )
house built with four suites of apartments - saanjavanamu ( సంజవనము )
house made of shingle - sarambi ( సరంబీ )

Synonyms of house

building box apartment dwelling residence shack condominium mansion home dump edifice crib coop habitation layout cave domicile pad cubbyhole abode flat lean-to joint pigpen setup shanty roof kennel turf castle rack crash pad home plate diggings pigsty co-op roost digs homestead flophouse bullpen residency commorancy hole in the wall pied-à-terre household lineage clan tribe kindred dynasty race folks tradition stock family tree menage ménage company firm corporation partnership outfit organization concern legislature parliament council congress commons

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