impertinence meaning in telugu

Word: impertinence
 Meaning of impertinence in english - boldness

Meanings in telugu :

mandemēlamu ( మందెమేలము )

Synonyms of impertinence

nerve impropriety gall wisecrack presumption crust lip hardihood impudence assurance incivility brazenness forwardness disrespect rudeness chutzpah effrontery guff pertness sass cheek freshness audacity insolence back talk wise guy backchat come-back disrespectfulness insolency

Antonyms of impertinence

fear modesty shyness humility meekness manners timidity respect

Related English Telugu Meaning

impertinentimpetuosityimpetuousimpetusimplementimploreimplying certainityimplying intensityimplying something in additionimplying something that has not been expressedimportimportanceimported from peguimportuneimposition offineimpossibleimpostimpotent manimpracticableimprecate
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