impertinent meaning in telugu

Word: impertinent
 Meaning of impertinent in english - bold, disrespectful

Meanings in telugu :

gaddari ( గద్దరి )

Synonyms of impertinent

arrogant brash brassy brazen discourteous flip forward fresh ill-mannered impolite impudent inappropriate incongruous inquisitive insolent intrusive meddlesome meddling nosy off base offensive pert presumptuous prying rude sassy smart uncalled-for uncivil ungracious unmannerly unsuitable contumelious interfering disgracious lippy out of line procacious

Antonyms of impertinent

kind mannered polite respectful nice

Related English Telugu Meaning

impetuosityimpetuousimpetusimplementimploreimplying certainityimplying intensityimplying something in additionimplying something that has not been expressedimportimportanceimported from peguimportuneimposition offineimpossibleimpostimpotent manimpracticableimprecateimprecation
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