impetuosity meaning in telugu

Word: impetuosity
 Meaning of impetuosity in english - desperation, eagerness, élan, enthusiasm, fire, fury, haste, heat, impatience, temerity, vehemence, hastiness, hurriedness, incautiousness, irateness, precipitance, precipitancy, precipitateness, rapidness, speediness, temerariousness

Meanings in telugu :

durusu ( దురుసు )

Synonyms of impetuosity

madness defiance carelessness recklessness frenzy heedlessness foolhardiness longing hunger zeal ardor thirst excitement yearning fervor ambition keenness anticipation zest alacrity earnestness voracity gusto solicitude avidity zing promptness quickness heartiness intentness greediness animation dash flair impetus life oomph panache spirit style verve vigor vim brio esprit emotion interest joy energy warmth intensity passion feeling devotion nerve fad ecstasy rapture transport flare pep craze snap hobby hilarity fanaticism fever mania orgasm relish glow conviction joyfulness gaiety exhilaration flame activity mirth vivacity fieriness red heat ardency zealousness light force radiance ginger zip liveliness sparkle luster punch fervency drive splendor scintillation virtuosity starch white heat calenture rage violence acrimony storm furor ferocity indignation savagery severity power conniption rise acerbity sore fierceness flare-up stew turbulence asperity might rabidity tempestuousness boiling point rampancy slow burn urgency expedition dispatch rapidity rashness scamper swiftness hustle flurry bustle press rush celerity nimbleness fleetness scurry pace expeditiousness velocity scramble scuttle hurly-burly hustling promptitude prematureness briskness desire agitation nervousness annoyance anxiety uneasiness anger restlessness irritability intolerance disquietude suspense restiveness expectancy edginess fretfulness shortness ants in pants irritableness quick temper snappiness gall presumption daring overconfidence indiscretion thoughtlessness impudence assurance boldness impertinence imprudence forwardness pluck intrepidity rudeness brass precipitation effrontery hardihood venturesomeness intrusiveness impulsiveness ferociousness brashness wrath wrathfulness

Antonyms of impetuosity

contentment calm collectedness confidence security cautiousness peace peacefulness satisfaction apathy indifference coolness reluctance dullness slowness disinterest lethargy inactivity laziness calmness lifelessness dislike hate hatred frigidity sadness aloofness coldness doubt pessimism unhappiness depression weariness idleness discouragement spiritlessness unenthusiasm glee inability incompetence weakness mildness kindness powerlessness delay leisure slowing lingering chill joy control forbearance patience enjoyment ease endurance tolerance waiting willingness modesty shyness humility fear cowardice manners forethought hesitation politeness carefulness

Related English Telugu Meaning

impetuousimpetusimplementimploreimplying certainityimplying intensityimplying something in additionimplying something that has not been expressedimportimportanceimported from peguimportuneimposition offineimpossibleimpostimpotent manimpracticableimprecateimprecationimpregnable
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