inclination meaning in telugu

Word: inclination
Meaning of inclination in english - tendency, bent, slant, angle

Meanings in telugu :

svabhaavamu ( స్వభావము )

Identical words :

inclination to do any thing - chikirsh ( చికీర్ష )
inclination to seize - jihaarsh ( జిహార్ష )
inclination to lick - liliksh ( లిలీక్ష )

Synonyms of inclination

desire capability penchant aptitude predisposition leaning propensity bias prejudice preference impulse temperament predilection appetite affection proclivity whim trend mind fancy attraction liking capacity turn taste attachment persuasion type movement urge stomach weakness drift partiality fondness susceptibility wish proneness aptness will thing idiosyncrasy pleasure groove cup of tea soft spot velleity druthers slope bending declivity grade ramp cant pitch gradient tilt hill deviation direction acclivity downgrade bank bevel incline list bow

Antonyms of inclination

aversion disgust dislike distaste hate hatred repulsion indifference disinclination antipathy fairness disbelief

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