inflexible meaning in telugu

Word: inflexible
 Meaning of inflexible in english - stubborn, hardened, stiff

Meanings in telugu :

gadusu ( గడుసు )

Synonyms of inflexible

uncompromising intractable stringent steadfast resolute strict unyielding rigid rigorous obstinate adamant immutable adamantine determined dogged dyed-in-the-wool firm fixed hard-and-fast immovable implacable indomitable inexorable iron obdurate relentless set single-minded staunch unbending unchangeable uncompliant unrelenting steely unadaptable unswayable set in one's ways stand one's ground inelastic taut immalleable impliable nonflexible

Antonyms of inflexible

willing tolerant irresolute lenient submissive pliable resilient cooperative flexible amenable easy-going yielding pliant soft reasonable bendable

Related English Telugu Meaning

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