irregularity meaning in telugu

Word: irregularity
 Meaning of irregularity in english - unevenness, something that is irregular, a suspicious or illegal occurrence

Meanings in telugu :

vyatikramamu ( వ్యతిక్రమము )

Synonyms of irregularity

flaw inconsistency distortion deviation aberration bump shift hump uncertainty stop imperfection variation dent twist jaggedness asymmetry break hole roughness change spasm variability bumpiness malfunction abnormality anomaly strangeness oddity peculiarity dispensation nonconformity malformation laxity uniqueness innovation privilege quirk exception excess eccentricity singularity exemption characteristic rarity allowance looseness unorthodoxy unconformity violation breach infringement

Antonyms of irregularity

perfection sameness regularity continuation conformity custom rule usualness normality standard habit

Related English Telugu Meaning

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