kite meaning in telugu

Word: kite
 Meaning of kite in english - airplane, clear out, epistle, get out, letter, bounced check

Meanings in telugu :

maayaadashrudu ( మాయాదశ్రుడు )

Synonyms of kite

jet aircraft cab ship crate airliner airbus ramjet aeroplane airship beat it begone decamp depart retire scram skedaddle split take off vamoose withdraw hightail make oneself scarce remove oneself take a hike invite communication message memo dispatch note tab scratch missive card postcard cannonball FYI billet doux get-well love letter poison pen thank-you leave break out avoid alight bug off dodge duck egress evacuate evade exit flee fly shirk shun vacate be off buzz off extricate oneself free oneself make tracks run away memorandum answer report reply acknowledgment junk mail thank you

Antonyms of kite

fill fill up put arrive rush in capture grab come stay seize question number

Related English Telugu Meaning

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