line meaning in telugu

Word: line
Meaning of line in english - mark, stroke, border, row, succession, course, cord, rope, belief, policy, person's calling, interest, ancestry, written communication, hint, influential communication, merchandise carried by store, border, mark, put covering inside object

Meanings in telugu :

sōlupu ( సోలుపు )

Identical words :

As noun :
lineage - vanshamu ( వంశము )
line of hair - aru ( అరు )
line of battle - oddanamu ( ఒడ్డనము )
line on the forehead - kasturi ( కస్తురి )
line of clouds - kaadambini ( కాదంబిని )
linen cloth - kshaumamu ( క్షౌమము )
line lancing - git ( గీత )
line drawn roundstack of corn - potuku ( పొతుకు )
lineaments - mokkattu ( మొక్కట్టు )

Synonyms of line

boundary edge channel streak figure scratch dash underline configuration silhouette borderline frontier contour score furrow profile band stripe wrinkle delineation bar outline demarcation rule crease limit groove lineament tracing division lane group track train route list street way series path road sequence concatenation rank echelon seam array arrangement axis trench scar ridge fissure trajectory length catalogue crack direction string formation drain progression thread column queue magazine block wire cable strand filament position program system approach practice ideology polity principle scheme avenue method procedure course of action field job work business area province forte profession trade racket pursuit activity department vocation employment occupation specialization race lineage descent family breed strain heredity stock pedigree message word card note report letter postcard information patter lead clue spiel indication pitch persuasion song and dance prepared speech goods commodity wares produce involvement materials vendibles touch follow adjoin rim verge skirt cut fix draw march trace communicate inscribe abut delineate marshal align fringe place neighbor line up ordinate allineate butt against stuff fill quilt overlay wad bush face reinforce sheath panel incrust encrust wainscot ceil

Antonyms of line

inside interior entertainment fun speech disorganization agreement disorder hobby pastime surrender idleness inactivity unemployment scatter center mix up disarrange disorganize ignore disjoin mess up strip forget divide separate lose

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