loftiness meaning in telugu

Word: loftiness
 Meaning of loftiness in english - arrogance

Meanings in telugu :

utsēdhamu ( ఉత్సేధము )

Synonyms of loftiness

nerve pompousness self-importance pretension gall pridefulness superciliousness presumption self-love crust pretentiousness airs ego hauteur priggishness haughtiness ostentation pomposity brass chutzpah egotism vanity disdain conceit cheek overbearingness hubris swagger aloofness audacity superiority braggadocio lordliness bluster insolence proudness imperiousness contemptuousness disdainfulness conceitedness smugness high-handedness overbearance

Antonyms of loftiness

modesty shyness humility meekness timidity truth carefulness caution

Related English Telugu Meaning

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