look at meaning in telugu

Word: look at
Meaning of look at in english - check, consider, do, eye, get, go over, notice, observe, see

Meanings in telugu :

kaaanchu ( కాంచు )

Synonyms of look at

find out probe go through monitor confirm verify review scrutinize correct try investigate test analyze study case count compare prove overlook quiz note audit frisk ascertain candle tell eyeball balance account enquire about keep account look over look see make sure scout out take stock grant recognize regard examine favor contemplate acknowledge ponder ruminate scan deliberate inspect muse excogitate reflect reason meditate concede consult speculate revolve envisage take into account take up deal with allow for assent to chew over dream of flirt with keep in mind mull over perpend provide for reckon with see about subscribe to take under advisement think out think over toss around cover track traverse journey tour explore pass through stop in check out rubberneck leer peruse watch survey ogle gape give the eye glance at have a look keep eagle eye on size up stare at take a look receive pick up hear learn catch follow gain memorize acquire fathom perceive comprehend work out catch on to figure out get into one's head rehearse read repeat skim practice reiterate revise riffle through thumb through detect spot discern remark heed clock dig advert espy allude descry distinguish refer make out flash on get a load of pick up on discover witness beam behold lamp pay attention to eagle-eye get an eyeful of keep one's eye on identify glare sight glimpse gaze scope peg peek peer pierce gawk penetrate peep lay eyes on be apprised of catch a glimpse of catch sight of

Antonyms of look at

ignore disprove invalidate estimate guess aid assist expedite liberate permit forget neglect allow help indulge refuse disregard discard reject look away dismiss abandon leave destroy put off defer fail idle lose pass undo disbelieve overlook release misunderstand overtake overthrow give in surrender misconstrue dissuade calm soothe spend free misinterpret yield depart mismanage discourage please hold back pass by be quiet break violate turn loose

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