lull meaning in telugu

Word: lull
 Meaning of lull in english - pause, calm, calm, ease off

Meanings in telugu :

samudaayianchu ( సముదాయించు )

Identical words :

As noun :
lullaby - zampaalu ( ంపాలు )
lulling - upalaalanamu ( ఉపలాలనము )

Synonyms of lull

layoff letup hiatus breather hush calmness respite time-out tranquility stop quiet break quiescence stillness comma abeyance downtime silence coffee break breathing spell pausation soothe lullaby subdue wane dwindle stroke decrease allay compose ebb subside becalm moderate balm soft-pedal quell abate fall pacify diminish tranquilize qualify cool slacken settle cease temper chill out let up cool off die down lay back put a lid on quiet down take it easy take the edge

Antonyms of lull

continuation noise clamor disturbance loudness busyness energy arouse incite grow increase enlarge intensify excite prolong energize start raise rise develop expand extend agitate irritate move upset win aggravate

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