make over meaning in telugu

Word: make over
 Meaning of make over in english - cede, change, coddle, convert, correct, dispose of, endow, give, reconstruct, reform, remodel, renovate, revamp, transfer, transform

Meanings in telugu :

oppianchu ( ఒప్పించు )

Synonyms of make over

relinquish hand over waive grant renounce communicate concede capitulate give in alien accord convey alienate drop yield leave fold resign allow vouchsafe abdicate deed sign over give up abalienate come across with fork over part with remise throw in the sponge throw in the towel evolve reduce resolve shift vary turn shape adjust modify diminish fluctuate alter transmute naturalize reorganize replace commute diverge redo substitute regenerate alternate revolutionize modulate adapt translate mutate transpose metamorphose warp transfigure accommodate moderate vacillate veer merge recondition diversify temper remake make innovations restyle tamper with humor pet cosset favor caress mollycoddle spoil baby nurse cotton cater to make much of play up to move bring lead save budge persuade incline actuate redeem impel proselyte bias convince baptize bend brainwash proselytize sway bring around change of heart alter conviction assimilate to be born again cause to adopt change into create anew lead to believe see the light repair upgrade rectify amend review remedy redress regulate cure revise improve right scrub help doctor edit launder better retouch emend reclaim polish debug ameliorate fix up go over pick up touch up straighten out clean up clean up act do over fiddle with get with it make right make up for pay dues put in order set right set straight shape up turn around sell dump unload get rid of eliminate destroy discard scrap bestow chuck deep six eighty-six jettison junk kiss adios file in circular file kiss off subsidize enable enrich empower enhance donate supply contribute back subscribe bequeath sponsor establish endue will provide support finance confer award fund promote heighten invest found furnish come through with lay on settle on vest in deliver hand out turn over permit commit present consign gift dispense tip remit administer transmit entrust lease dish out dole out hand down pass out shell out ante up heap upon lavish upon lay upon let have parcel out pass down pony up rejuvenate overhaul restore rebuild recreate reproduce rework rehabilitate reestablish modernize deduce patch copy do up reassemble retool recast reorient refashion remold reshuffle reconstitute piece together standardize rearrange renew uplift bring up to code go straight make amends swear off turn over a new leaf change one's ways clean up one's act refurbish redesign revive spruce up update revitalize face-lift retrieve reactivate revivify rekindle resurrect refresh resuscitate cleanse refit retread gussy up dispatch carry ship find transport send relocate remove ferry assign feed transplant relegate tote lug forward mail express displace bear cart post shoulder disturb delegate dislocate transmogrify pass the buck pass on taxi switch cook denature shift gears sing different tune switch over turn over new leaf turn the corner

Antonyms of make over

refuse challenge deny disallow disapprove withhold reject gain guard keep fight oppose maintain retain continue defend take over win grow increase remain stagnate preserve destroy ruin disarrange persist expand extend stay leave alone ignore neglect turn away dissuade repress suppress wait stop endure idle damage injure worsen harm weaken blunder goof mistake pamper pet break hurt depress blow coddle indulge spoil be permissive save begin start decrease condemn dishonor reduce take away discourage disagree receive conceal hide refrain withstand hold up corrupt raze kill waver forfeit impair abandon dirty demolish hold back fix fail lose

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