make ready meaning in telugu

Word: make ready
 Meaning of make ready in english - arm, arrange, condition, do, dress, embattle, gird, inure, mobilize, prime, process, ready, set, train, militarize

Meanings in telugu :

amarchu ( అమర్చు )

Synonyms of make ready

load protect prepare supply provide strengthen fortify appoint gear tote deck accouter guard outfit heel equalize rig array issue furnish pack heel up load up lug iron pack a rod rod up tailor organize determine schedule promote manage negotiate construct resolve design decide draft lay out work out establish blueprint adjust concert devise frame contrive direct chart project settle compromise adapt harmonize scheme agree to iron out quarterback come to terms get act together get ready hammer out a deal line up make a connection map out pull a wire pull things together set stage shape up work out a deal brainwash accustom educate practice modify habituate program equip sharpen build up loosen up tone up toughen up warm up whip into shape work over move execute accomplish end complete conclude perform finish produce undertake close operate succeed create achieve fix effect discharge cook fulfill cause transact bring about pull off take on wind up wrap up be responsible for engage in get with it go for it look after see to take care of business do one's thing trim decorate do up ornament align dispose straighten comb prepare for combat brace secure buttress reinforce encompass belt bolster support enclose circle blockade steel enfold band girdle surround environ bind fasten cincture hem in familiarize season acclimate harden assemble marshal activate propel muster gather actuate drive impel rally animate circulate call to arms catalyze call up put in motion set in motion set off coach rehearse motivate groom excite brief tell inform clue galvanize cram provoke stimulate notify break in fill in innervate convert handle dispose of transform refine alter treat concoct deal with post order clear the decks make up fit out gear up get set keep posted let in on pave the way psych up put on to wise up locate head introduce turn install apply wedge affix rest seat station plop spread lodge situate plant park bestow stick plank insert level plunk mount aim cast deposit ensconce embed anchor make fast zero in discipline develop study instruct tutor qualify teach improve cultivate mold enlighten hone tame ground exercise update rear school drill guide drum into dry run run through care for get a workout get in shape grow strong

Antonyms of make ready

injure weaken dissuade hurt take discourage forget neglect unclothe keep disarm unfurnish destroy disorder disorganize hesitate waver ruin disarrange derange disperse mix up scatter confuse upset unfit disagree disturb not plan create ignore commence prevent abstain put off stop bear abandon fail miss give up begin start halt introduce lose idle defer pass undo not finish bare disrobe undress mess up rumple wrinkle uncover displace lay bare disarray open loosen let down undermine release compliment praise let go unfasten untie free flatter soften repress retard slow demobilize hold back divide separate check end listen calm hide conceal depress secret remain preserve retain continue disallow unsettle unlock detach refuse liquefy ascend hinder depart leave move change remove gather unfix take out go up rise decrease mislead

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