mark meaning in telugu

Word: mark
Meaning of mark in english - blemish, character, characteristic, symptom, criterion, standard, goal, target, importance, blemish, stain, characterize, see, notice

Meanings in telugu :

zaad ( ాడ )

Identical words :

As noun :
marking - ankanamu ( అంకణము )
As adjective :
marked - ankitamu ( అంకితము )
market town - kharvatamu ( ఖర్వటము )
mark worn on the forehead - pundramu ( పుండ్రము )
mark of marriage - puste ( పుస్తె )
marking nut - bhallaatamu ( భల్లాతము )
marks of age in the face - mangu ( మంగు )
mark which it produces - vaat ( వాత )

Synonyms of mark

streak impression point stamp symbol spot imprint record score signature scar line scratch bruise stroke tag splotch logo check blot trademark cross label nick pock blaze trace brand smudge representation ticket autograph register blotch dent dot John Hancock brand name ink underlining X John Henry marking hallmark attribute image evidence peculiarity seal quality particularity index feature note type emblem trait virtue device earmark incision badge token indication idiosyncrasy distinction property affection proof significant indicia level yardstick gauge norm measure function duty use end object aim prey purpose ambition objective bull's eye result value effect standing dignity regard influence notability manifestation consequence eminence prestige fame underline pinpoint initial write inscribe letter chalk signify show indicate identify demonstrate illustrate evince exemplify remark exhibit individualize proclaim singularize betoken bespeak qualify distinguish signalize denote designate check off point out show up individuate mark off ostend point up set apart stake out observe attend chronicle watch mind perceive hearken behold discern view pay attention pay heed take notice of

Antonyms of mark

blank clarity unimportance source lowliness heedlessness ignorance inferiority insignificance cause neglect mend smooth lose conceal hide confuse cover ignore disregard disbelieve look away

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