mass meaning in telugu

Word: mass
 Meaning of mass in english - body of matter, considerable portion, bulk, measurement

Meanings in telugu :

stōmamu ( స్తోమము )

Identical words :

As noun :
massage - pisuku ( పిసుకు )
As adjective :
massive - dridhamu ( దృఢము )
massas of dates - ad ( అడ )

Synonyms of mass

throng horde group crowd number lump majority pile lot mob piece load pyramid knot chunk clot plurality staple bunch mountain sum wad gob entirety much concretion totality corpus troop core combination object collection volume band host coagulation heap aggregate peck stack preponderance shock batch conglomeration stockpile block mound whole accumulation assemblage quantity sum total great deal greater part lion's share size span magnitude extent greatness

Antonyms of mass

whole individual valley opening one fraction part dissolution insignificance smallness unimportance littleness

Related English Telugu Meaning

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