match meaning in telugu

Word: match
 Meaning of match in english - competition, counterpart, equal, couple

Meanings in telugu :

dant ( దంట )

Identical words :

As adjective :
matchless - jag ( జగ )
matchless in battle - apratidvandvudu ( అప్రతిద్వంద్వుడు )
matching - tulyamu ( తుల్యము )
match forgun - taadu ( తాడు )
matchlock - tupaaki ( తుపాకి )
match ofmatchlock - baadaramu ( బాదరము )
match to fire guns with - zaanaki ( ానకి )

Synonyms of match

contest trial game race bout event rivalry meet engagement sport double competitor like correlate equivalent ringer duplicate parallel approximation twin mate companion adversary peer analogue copy replica complement antagonist opponent dead ringer spitting image countertype lookalike alliance combination affiliation union partnership espousal marriage pair duet pairing

Antonyms of match

clash imbalance mismatch peace difference associate ally helper supporter original disunion divorce separation

Related English Telugu Meaning

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