mess meaning in telugu

Word: mess
 Meaning of mess in english - disorder, litter, difficulty, predicament

Meanings in telugu :

sojje ( సొజ్జె )

Identical words :

As noun :
message - samaachaaramu ( సమాచారము )
mess of food - koor ( కూర )
messenger - padihaari ( పడిహారి )
mess of various roots - pulap ( పులప )

Synonyms of mess

turmoil wreck confusion disarray chaos mayhem debris clutter shambles jumble wreckage dirtiness salmagundi hash combination fright botch hodgepodge discombobulation eyesore untidiness sight compound monstrosity mishmash disorganization every which way plight dilemma imbroglio muddle fix jam stew perplexity mix-up

Antonyms of mess

calm tidiness harmony order peace organization system neatness beauty benefit solution boon

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