mild meaning in telugu

Word: mild
 Meaning of mild in english - gentle, temperate, nonirritating, easygoing, pleasant in personality

Meanings in telugu :

saumyamu ( సౌమ్యము )

Identical words :

As noun :
mildew - boozu ( బూు )
mildew in grain - kaatuk ( కాటుక )
mild man - mēdakudu ( మేదకుడు )

Synonyms of mild

tepid delicate peaceful sunny balmy breezy benign warm weak calm smooth bland mellow moderate soft cool blah choice clear clement dainty emollient exquisite faint fine flat genial lenient light lukewarm medium nothing pabulum pacific placid soothing untroubled vanilla benignant demulcent ho-hum lenitive mollifying nothing much tempered wimpy subdued tame tranquil amiable compassionate complaisant deferential docile dull equable feeble forbearing forgiving good-humored good-natured humane indulgent insipid jejune kind meek merciful obeisant obliging patient peaceable serene spiritless submissive subservient tender unassuming vapid good-tempered forbearant

Antonyms of mild

healthy excited noisy unfriendly stormy upset unkind agitated fierce nervous cold hot coarse harsh rough strong turbulent violent severe firm loud wild uncool hard flappable immoderate excessive uncontrolled roused

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