nurse meaning in telugu

Word: nurse
 Meaning of nurse in english - person who tends to sick, cares for someone, care for, tend, give milk, usually from breast

Meanings in telugu :

daayi ( దాయి )

Synonyms of nurse

assistant attendant therapist medic registered nurse caretaker RN sitter minder baby sitter foster parent nurse practitioner practical nurse wet nurse feed nourish vaccinate cradle pamper immunize further cultivate humor support father inoculate encourage treat forward preserve cherish indulge irradiate promote baby-sit advance harbor medicate succor mother aid nurture wait on keep an eye on take care of look after keep alive keep tabs on minister to see to take charge of watch out for watch over suckle wet-nurse lactate dry-nurse bottle-feed breast-feed

Antonyms of nurse

ignore block cease hinder impede obstruct destroy refuse condemn injure disregard starve hurt neglect halt stop

Related English Telugu Meaning

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