Vain meaning in hindi | Vain ka matlab 

Vain meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Vain 
Usage of Vain: 1: The speaker made remarks but in vain 2: Applause from the spectators encourage the players and artists .
Dont get puffed off by the vain applause
3: Many geometers tried in vain to prove the fifth postulate from the first four. 4: When Rib-Hadda appealed in vain for aid to Akhenaten and then turned to Aziru 5: Daphne is danger-prone and vain 6: Napoleon , is apparently as vain as himself. 7: Fandorin is always impeccably groomed and can be vain about his appearance 8: Marie-Thérèse lived in the vain hope that Picasso would one day marry her 9: A vain ambition pushed him to the edge of the precipice 10: A vain belief that lends sacred to certain phenomena, certain acts, some words
Vain ki paribhasha : jo kisi kaam ka na ho kaan ka ek aabhooshan jo vaastavik sthiti ke viparit ho saarahin ya nistatv bhaag jisaka koi arth ya prayojan na ho

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The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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