Vulture meaning in hindi | Vulture ka matlab 

Vulture meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Vulture 
Usage of Vulture: 1: He is a wealth vulture 2: Birds including the turkey vulture 3: fabulous monster, he was represented with wings, a woman's face, a body of vulture and hooked nails, and we imagined to be extremely voracious 4: The area of a vulture 5: vulture skin, fur made from the skin of the belly of the vulture, prepared and trimmed its down 6: White Raven, vulture Sort 7: White Raven, vulture Sort 8: Zoology vulture species in South America, one of the largest known bird
Vulture ki paribhasha : giddh aur baaj aadi ki jaati ki par unase kuchh durbal ek prasiddh chidiya ek prakaar ka bad maansaahaari pakshi

Usage of Vulture in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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