Meaning of (चमका) chamaka in english - (चमका) Chamaka meaning 

Meaning of (चमका) chamaka in english

As adjective : refulgent
Other : shone
Suggested : to shine with a flickering gleam of light, as a star or distant light to reflect light with a brilliant, sparkling luster sparkle with reflected light the act of scintillating sparkling a superficial luster or shine glaze the state or quality of shining by reflecting light glitter, sparkle, sheen, or gloss
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Usage of चमका:
1. जाम से चाहे जिसको कितनी परेशानी हो, लेकिन इसी जाम ने मणिराम रिक्शेवाले की किस्मत चमका दीlivehindustan.com2. शहर के एमजीएम अस्पताल में राष्ट्रीय खेल दिवस के दिन सोमवार को जन्म लेने वाली चार बेटियों का सितारा बुलंदियों पर चमका jagran.com3. अंक तीन से है भगवान श‌िव का गहरा नाता, आप भी चमका सकते हैं इनसे अपनी क‌िस्मत
1. Apparatus for lighting a smaller luster and which is placed near the ceiling 2. partridge eye color Vin Vin or simply eye partridge, Wine sequined high bright and high gloss 3. The scintillation of the stars 4. Many of the city's restaurants offer light meals or tiffin 5. Stars can also vary in luminosity because of extrinsic factors 6. It means figuratively Who has little elevation, few apparently little sparkle 7. didactic illuminated ring that is sometimes seen around the stars, and especially the sun and the moon shine through when a vaporous atmosphere 8. An uncertain glimmer 9. It means, by extension, Altering the brightness of a color, complexion 10. The major highlight of the athletics programme
(चमका) chamaka can be used as noun or adjective and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 4 including consonants matras. The word is used as Noun in hindi and falls under Feminine gender originated from Sanskrit language . Transliteration : chamakaa 
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