Meaning of (चर्चा) charcha in english - (चर्चा) Charcha meaning 

Meaning of (चर्चा) charcha in english

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(formerly) a lighting unit for spotlighting the front of the stage, producing illumination by means of a flame of mixed gases directed at a cylinder of lime and having a special lens for concentrating the light in a strong beam a story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts a strong, focused light thrown upon a particular spot , as on a small area of a stage or in a television studio, for making some object , person, or group especially conspicuous to refer briefly to name , specify, or speak of
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Usage of चर्चा:
1. बॉलीवुड एक्टर सैफ अली खान की बेटी सारा अली खान के बॉलीवुड में डेब्यू करने की खबरें चर्चा में हैंlivehindustan.com2. मारूति सुज़ुकी की छोटी क्रॉसओवर कार इग्निस लंबे वक्त से चर्चा में बनी हुई हैlivehindustan.com3. बॉलीवुड एक्टर रणवीर सिंह हमेशा ही अपने कूल अंदाज और फैशनेबल कपड़ों के लिए चर्चा में रहते हैं
1. Many stories also mention a "Devil-like" aspect. 2. For the purposes of the present discussion 3. A fool discourse 4. Come into my office so we can talk this over . 5. The city name is derived from the Arabic word al-jazā’ir 6. I telephoned in my report .
(चर्चा) charcha can be used as noun. and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 5 including consonants matras. The word is used as Noun in hindi and falls under Feminine gender originated from Sanskrit language . Transliteration : charchaa 
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