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हिंदी मे अर्थ Meaning in english उदाहरण
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Usage and Example of a 1. - defensive organization of the land that is born to the rhythm of operations - the permanent fortification built in peacetime by definition designed to last 2. As a defensive reflex, people are turning to Bern and Fribourg and, from 1477, signed with the cantons of a series of treaties combourgeoisy 3. At his accession, Russia, England, Austria and Prussia negotiate a defensive coalition to guard against the repetition of the Napoleonic era 4. Believing the lost war, rolandins if bellicose once, want to abandon Paris and process by organizing defensive reduced in the South 5. Bismarck revealed the proposal which Napoleon III rejected the responsibility Drouyn Lhuys; German States concerned were not fooled and secretly accepted the defensive alliance that offered them Prussia

Given are the examples of hindi word a usage in english sentences. The examples of a are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., saviour, defensive, defender, keeper, shield, protector, guardian, guard, vishnu, great, broad, too much, vast, indra, ether, air, aero, god of money, fire, flame, macrocosm, the unverse, universe, world, saraswati, minerva, nectar, name, fame, glory, celebrity, praise, brightness, reputation, note, credit, character, repute, honour/honor, yama, the breath of life.

The name Bharata was used for a group of people who lived in the northwest, and who are mentioned in the Rigveda.भारत नाम का प्रयोग उत्तर-पश्चिम में रहने वाले लोगों के एक समूह के लिए किया जाता था|

Domestication is the name given to the process in which people grow plants and look after animals.लोगों द्धारा पौधे उगाने और जानवरों की देखभाल करने को ‘बसने की प्रक्रिया’ का नाम दिया गया है|
My name is Pathak and I am a teacher.मेरा नाम पाठक है और मैं एक अध्यापक हूँ|
At a time when hardware was the name of the game, Nadar foresaw the huge potential in the area of IT education and learning from which NIIT was born.
So is Nusli Wadia of Bombay Dyeing, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Shiv Nadar of HCL Enterprises, Indra Nooyi of Pepsico and the Principal of your school.
However, it does have some of the features of a profession: All over the world there is marked growth in management as a discipline.
Unlike professions such as medicine or law which require a practicing doctor or lawyer to possess valid degrees, nowhere in the world is it mandatory for a manager to possess any such specific degree.
Top Management: They consists of the senior-most executives of the organisation by whatever name they are called.
A good manager directs through praise and criticism in such a way that it brings out the best in the employee.
As boundaries between cultures and nations get blurred and new communication technology makes it possible to think of the world as a global village , the scope of international and intercultural relationships is rapidly expanding.
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