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Transliterated examples :
1. "The" Caron complex ", if alive in the legend and in the iconography (Bachelard cites haphazardly tomb of Dagobert, The Divine Comedy, the fresco of the Sistine), is proof of the survival of this image the last arch 2. Aboard Navy warships, carcass forming an arch above the hatches, and to provide a cover for the rain 3. As in Bologna, a breakthrough glasses supports the arch ceiling, decorated by Louis Durameau here 4. Found preliminary drawings like this, drawn from the fifth century AD, in the mosaics of the triumphal arch of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome 5. However, the three-hinged arch system, adopted for the Machine Gallery, will emerge

Given are the examples of hindi word akaha usage in english sentences. The examples of akaha are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., arch, sad, unreasonable, unlawful, unwarranted, unjustified, unequal, improper, unworthy, wrong, unjust, impolitic, a bit thick, shitty, inequitable, abusive, not cricket, unseemly, criminal, illegitimate, unhappy, inadvisable, uncool, indecent, out of order, ungodly, out of the way, uncalled for, unsuitable, off key, wrongful, incorrect, unfair, shabby, undue, ineffable, terrible, unutterable, untellable, unmentionable, inexpressible, unspeakable, unexpressible, indescribable, unnameable, terrible, indefinable, indefinable, sublime, inexpressible, unspeakable.

But undue emphasis on high efficiency without being effective is also not desirable.

Hamel walking up and down with his terrible iron ruler under his arm.
Sometimes it is actually incorrect to fix precise dates to processes that happen over a period of time.
There are many aspects of unequal situations in a market and poor enforcement of rules and regulations.
For example, sometimes traders indulge in unfair trade practices such as when shopkeepers weigh less than what they should or when traders add charges that were not mentioned before, or when adulterated/defective goods are sold.
The consumer movement arose out of dissatisfaction of the consumers as many unfair practices were being indulged in by the sellers.
In India, the consumer movement as a social force originated with the necessity of protecting and promoting the interests of consumers against unethical and unfair trade practices.
Because of all these efforts, the movement succeeded in bringing pressure on business firms as well as government to correct business conduct which may be unfair and against the interests of consumers at large.
Where should these consumers go to get justice? Consumers have the right to seek redressal against unfair trade practices and exploitation.
If there is any unfair trade practice meted out to their members they take up the case on their behalf.
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