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Transliterated examples :
1. These deformations, slowly progressing from one end of the cell to another, causing a movement of creep characteristic referred to as Metabolic 2. This is the "diffusion creep gaps", considered further 3. The budget is all-sufficient, and that's what it is that this representative which there you get a fright 4. But when, a few years later, Sparta again appears as a threat to the social order, it is in Rome that the "bourgeoisie" Achaean appealed 5. concerned that this change no threat acceptance of supranational structures, which became one of his main concerns

Given are the examples of hindi word aashoba usage in english sentences. The examples of aashoba are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., apprehension, creep, funk, fright, threat, phobia, scare, fear, phobic neurosis, jeopardy, phobic disorder, fearfulness, terror, scared, fear, apprehension, horror, dread, threat, heebie jeebies, timorousness, timidity, terror, hue and cry, furore, babel, hullabaloo, uproar, din, hubbub, shindy, broil.

Fire could have been used for many things: as a source of light, to cook meat, and to scare away animals.आग का इस्तेमाल कई प्रकार से किया गया होगा जैसे कि प्रकाश के लिए, मांस पकाने के लिए और खतरनाक जानवरों को दूर आदि भगाने के लिए|

I started for school very late that morning and was in great dread of a scolding, especially because M.
If the translator is not proficient with both the languages, mistakes may creep in causing different meanings to the communication.
Since the ratios are derived from the financial statements, any weakness in the original financial statements will also creep in the derived analysis in the form of ratio analysis.
Drought poses a threat to rain-fed farming areas, where farmers do not use irrigation for crop production and depend only on rain.
She never quite recovered from the terror she felt that day.
In Japan the fear of foreign conquest spurred industrialisation.
The risk of collapsing mine roofs, inundation and fires in coalmines are a constant threat to miners.
The disposal of non-degradable industrial solid wastes, if not done by a proper and suitable method, may cause serious threat to the environment.
There is a fear that only wealthy people or those with their support can afford to figureht elections.
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