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किंचित जस्टा नामक इस युवक की पुलिस खोजबीन में जुटी है bhaskar.comUsage and Example of kinchit 1. Specialists in this field have been driven to abandon the somewhat mechanistic analyzes of the fifties and sixties, to highlight the role of States, institutions and training of individuals 2. Stages of development of the embryo after fertilization vary somewhat around the following times (with slight variations): 2 cells at 35 hours; 4 cells 40-63 hours; 8 cells 68-80 hours; 16 cells to 84-112 hours 3. The case of Roussillon is somewhat different 4. The democratic romanticism of the first made during the somewhat contemptuous of the second classicism 5. The Empress presided over the splendor of a somewhat cosmopolitan court that frequent only a small fraction of the old aristocracy

Given are the examples of hindi word kinchit usage in english sentences. The examples of kinchit are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., somewhat.

Surat in Gujarat was the emporium of western trade during the Mughal period along with Cambay (presentday Khambat) and somewhat later, Ahmedabad.

The housing, nutritional and environmental requirements of broilers are somewhat different from those of egg layers.
It is somewhat paradoxical that human beings are using technology to change the natural environment in order to improve the quality of their life but, in reality, they may actually be worsening the quality of life! which are stimuli or conditions in the environment that create a stress for human beings.
Poverty refers to an actual shortage of the resources necessary for living, and thus can be somewhat objectively defined.
As we will see later in the chapter, this was somewhat similar to the way the fourteenth-century poet Amir Khusrau used the word “Hind”.
The study of time is made somewhat easier by dividing the past into large segments – periods – that possess shared characteristics.
However, a few items of income and expenses of such orgnisations are somewhat different in nature and need special attention in their treatment in final accounts.
In all the above situations, the nature and the identity of the initial substance have somewhat changed.
A similar and somewhat tedious process is needed in case he desires to import some of the tools and raw materials for producing export quality products.
Customs clearance is a somewhat tedious process and calls for completing a number of formalities.
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