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कलेजे के टुकड़ों को क्रूरता से मारकर खुद भी मौत को गले लगाया घर की कलह ने उसे इतना तोड़ और डरा दिया कि अचानक अपने कलेजे के टुकड़ों को क्रूरता से मारकर खुद को भी मौत के गले लगा लिया कलेजे के टुकड़ों को क्रूरता से मारकर खुद भी मौत को गले लगाया
राष्ट्रपति ओलांद ने दिया सख्त संदेश, कहा- आतंकियों के साथ क्रूरता से निपटेंगे LiveHindustan फिल्म समीक्षा: क्रूरता से भरी है ‘12 ईयर्स अ स्लेव’ 1. His career seemed left without the tragic end that would brutally interrupt, Paris, 15 September 1982 2. The Adolfo Suárez reform project brutally ruled that, at length matured, Manuel Fraga 3. The prodigious movement launched in northern Italy by Giotto and Duccio was brutally interrupted by the Black Death in 1348 4. Then, real rates were very brutally mounted up to 6-7 p 5. Without further without formality, without any detours brutally

Given are the examples of hindi word kroorata se usage in english sentences. The examples of kroorata se are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., cruel, brutally.

Brought up in a cruel workhouse (see Figureure 6), Oliver was finally adopted by a wealthy man and lived happily ever after.

He can also be both unpredictably generous and cruel with his employees.
If anybody had said to her, “Don't you think that is a cruel way to treat Wanda?” she would have been very surprised.
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