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Transliterated examples :
1. The kernel N positivity plays an essential role in this kind of question 2. The kind Cladoxylon, the fully described, is known from Unger's work in 1856 3. The kind of definition that would be needed to solve the problem of analyticity can not consist merely in a logical equivalence between terms coextensive 4. The last two Sages are known primarily as libertines: Ruan Xian Ruan Ji's nephew, was a wonderful musician who is said to have invented a kind of banjo that bears his name 5. The lodges became more and more a kind of "insider clubs

Given are the examples of hindi word klinnaha?d usage in english sentences. The examples of klinnaha?d are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., kind, generous, compassionate, gracious, benevolent, merciful, good, kind hearted, benign, good hearted, clement, humane, mellow, soft, open hearted, soft hearted, tender hearted, big.

As stone tools were important, people tried to find places where good quality stone was easily available.चूंकि पत्थर के उपकरण बहुत महत्वपूर्ण थे इसलिए लोग ऐसी जगह ढूँढ़ते रहते थे, जहाँ अच्छे पत्थर मिल सकें|

Is good quality butter available here?क्या यहाँ अच्छा मक्खन मिलता है?
There is a kind of cost-benefit analysis involved and the relationship between inputs and outputs.
It helps to provide good quality products and services, creates employment opportunities, adopts new techno-logy for the greater good of the people and leads the path towards growth and development.
Since art is concerned with personal application of knowledge some kind of ingenuity and creativity is required to practice the basic principles learnt.
A good manager works through a combination of practice, creativity, imagination, initiative and innovation.
Therefore, if an organisation has a good management team that is efficient and effective it automatically serves society by providing good quality products at reasonable prices.
A good manager directs through praise and criticism in such a way that it brings out the best in the employee.
It has changed from being a single dimensional role in a defined business context, to being a multi-faceted role that calls for a diverse combination of technical skills, soft management and people skills, and the ability to imbibe and learn different cultural experiences.
Similarly, a person having high language aptitude can be trained to be a good writer.
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