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 राजस्थान सीमा के निकट के गांव भोपुर में गुरुवार रात को गोत बिटोरे (कंडे रखने का स्थान) और भूसे की बुर्जियों में आग लग गई 1. ? Place (of Mecca) lineage 2. From a structural standpoint, the lineage groups are then called "segmental" 3. Moreover it will make a discovery: the intermaxillary bone, indisputably, the man linked to the lineage of animals and integrates it 4. The lineage group is often the most important 5. When the key is not the lineage or home with its traditions to convey is simply another, as the partner, which takes up all the space, with an open perspective on the future

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