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Transliterated examples :
1. Congenital deficiency of coagulation Hemophilia represents the type of constitutional congenital bleeding disorders default of a clotting factor 2. However, there is, by default searches, no complete history of African habitat, it would be presumptuous here to sketch the outline Even "ethnological" monographs are valuable and very uneven level Heat, often overwhelming, prohibits the use of heat accumulators - such as bare stone 3. If the soul does not enjoy nothing in the sham, as in pseudo-similarity (which are in fact repetitions) found in nature, is that the terms of the comparison - and this is the lack of reality - make it default 4. In default of confessions, evidence of heresy was given by witnesses 5. Nowadays, sometimes restaurateurs, default culture, delete elements deemed deviant by them, replace them with others that they believe most appropriate and thus perform irreversible operations

Given are the examples of hindi word chukra usage in english sentences. The examples of chukra are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., default.

It is the default data type because of being used most frequently.

If the caption property is set to blank, the field name becomes the default caption and is used to label the field.
While entering the data item, the operator can always over write the default value.
The default value should be the most frequently entered value in the field.
Text box is the default display control of look up.
Access responds by providing a generic default name of table.
Its data type can be Number with field size set to double; format set to standard; decimal places set to 2 and default value set to 0.
Its data type is set to Date/Time with format set to Medium Date (dd-MMMyy); Default value set to = Now() to imply current date in Real Time Clock (RTC) of computer system and caption property set to Date.
The default value, when set for control, has an overriding effect over the default value set at the underlying field level.
This property applies to command button and specifies whether the control is a default control on the form or not.
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