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एक सिरफिरा बिजली मिस्त्री एक चार सौ केवीए बिजली टावर पर चढ गया और तौलिया बांधकर झूला बनाया और झूलता रहा jagran.com झूला झुलाने वाले ने 10 रुपए के लिए 3 लोगों को मारा चाकू ibnlive.com -सबसे पहले महंत ने रामलला को झूला झुलाया और उसके बाद तो भक्तों में भगवान को झुलाने की होड़ लग गई bhaskar.com
- आरोप है कि इस दौरान झूला लगा रहे व्यक्ति ने महिला के साथ मारपीट कर दी bhaskar.com - रविवार को उसकी दुकान के पास झूला लगा रहे एक व्यक्ति से महिला की किसी बात को लेकर कहासुनी हो गई bhaskar.comUsage and Example of jhoola 1. Thanks to great discoveries which were the cradle (B 2. Then dispatch two serpents to the cradle of the newborn, who has no trouble stifling (Nemean, I, 38 sq 3. This surface layer, which has little in our countries more than a foot deep, is formed of fossil remains, and especially plants, which it is both the tomb and the cradle 4. Religious pieces and R mlil Kri ? ? alil, lay pieces of nau ? anki Uttar Pradesh, swang of the Panj and khy b l n R jasth still draw crowds despite the competition of cinema 5. The seesaw between the two positions was permanent, the rhythm of the potential dangers and needs of the internal Islamic politics, and more international since Brezhnev with the U

Given are the examples of hindi word jhoola usage in english sentences. The examples of jhoola are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., swing, ride, hammock.

Pakistan has pioneered two great advances in bowling: the doosra and the reverse swing .

Both skills were developed in response to subcontinental conditions: the doosra to counter aggressive batsmen with heavy modern bats who were threatening to make finger-spin obsolete and reverse swing to move the ball in on dusty, unresponsive wickets under clear skies.
It is precisely because of the socio-cultural differences that while people in China prefer bicycles, the Japanese in contrast like to ride bikes.
Captain Swing was a mythic name used in these letters.
But who were the Swing rioters? Why did they break threshing machines? What were they protesting against? To answer these questions, we need to trace the developments in English agriculture in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
The Captain Swing riots spread in the countryside at this time.
Day after day she watched the bus, and gradually a tiny wish crept into her head and grew there: she wanted to ride on that bus, even if just once.
If one of her friends happened to ride the bus and tried to describe the sights of the town to her, alli would be too jealous to listen and would shout, in English: “Proud! proud!” Neither she nor her friends really understood the meaning of the word, but they used it often as a slang expression of disapproval.
How difficult it had been, particularly that day at the village fair, but she had resolutely stifled a strong desire to ride the merrygo- round, even though she had the money.
” “Can I ride back with Mill-wheel and see if I can find it?” “Tell your Ma I said you can go.
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