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Given are the examples of hindi word tayaaree usage in english sentences. The examples of tayaaree are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., equipment, preparation.

Input resources are money, materials, equipment and persons required to do a particular task.

She took him on trips, bought him telescopes, microscopes, cameras, mounting materials, and other equipment and helped him in many other ways.
Their synthesis and characterisation, therefore, require highly sophisticated costly equipment and laboratory.
While many important changes occurred during the nineteenth century (the rule about wide balls was applied, the exact circumference of the ball was specified, protective equipment like pads and gloves became available, boundaries were introduced where previously all shots had to be run and, most importantly, overarm bowling became legal) cricket remained a pre-industrial sport that matured during the early phase of the Industrial Revolution, the late eighteenth century.
Similarly, if an important project is running behind schedule, corrective action might involve assigning of additional workers and equipment to the project and permission for overtime work.
Capital is required for investment in fixed assets like land, building, machinery and equipment and in current assets like raw materials, book debts, stock of finished goods, etc.
Layout means the physical arrangement of machines and equipment needed to manufacture a product.
Some of the pollutants are harmful even when present in very small quantities and we require sophisticated equipment to measure them.
Though it is one of the important textile cities in the country, of late, the cotton textile industry of Osaka has been replaced by other industries, such as iron and steel, machinery, shipbuilding, automobiles, electrical equipment and cement.
Such type of financing is more prevalent in the acquisition of such assets as computers and electronic equipment which become obsolete quicker because of the fast changing technological developments.
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