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Given are the examples of hindi word nirdayee usage in english sentences. The examples of nirdayee are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., harsh, ruthless, cruel, brutal, cold blooded, hard, relentless, bloody, as hard as nails, hard hearted, cold hearted, hard as nails, unrelenting.

Inscriptionsare writings on relatively hard surfaces such as stone or metal.अभिलेख पत्थर अथवा धातु जैसी अपेक्षाकृत कठोर सतहों पर उत्कीर्ण किए गए मिलते हैं|

Can you tell the advantages of writing on a hard surface?क्या तुम बता सकती हो कि कठोर सतह पर लेख लिखवाने के क्या लाभ थे?
The quality of workmanship and the quantity of output depends on the hard work, discipline and loyalty of the workers.
What do all these mean for a global manager today? To summarise, a global manager today is one who possesses what can be termed as hard types of skills as well as softer types of skills.
Entrepreneurial competence (commitment, persistence, patience, hard work, vigilance, and goal-directed behaviours).
Health and endurance help a leader to work hard which inspires others to work with same tempo.
We will now learn about the places in the world where people have learned to cope with extreme harsh temperatures; in some places as hot as fire and some as cold as ice.
The Sahara desert despite its harsh climate has been inhabited by various groups of people, who pursue different activities.
The climate in winter months is so harsh that people keep themselves engaged in festivities and ceremonies.
These biographical pieces tell us of people who have achieved success and recognition through determination, hard work and courage.
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