mootrakosha example and sentences

हिंदी मे अर्थ Meaning in english उदाहरण

Given are the examples of hindi word mootrakosha usage in english sentences. The examples of mootrakosha are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., cosmas, extent, confine, purview, compass, horizon, threshold, limit, confines, range, base, bounds, squeeze, precinct, round, limitation, end, line, purlieus, march, cut off, edge, restriction, measure, pale, boundary, corner, division, border, extent, precinct, limit, length, margin, fruit, blade, blue berry, head, cup.

In train, Tushar had managed to squeeze into the window seat, his nose glued to the glass pane.रेल में तुषार को खिड़की वाली सीट मिल गई, जहाँ से वह बाहर का नज़ारा देखने में मग्न हो गया|

Plants and trees bear fruit in different seasons. So, people may have moved from season to season in search of different kinds of plants.पेड़ों और पौधों में फल-फूल अलग-अलग मौसम में आते हैं, इसीलिए लोग उनकी तलाश में उपयुक्त मौसम के अनुसार अन्य इलाकों में घूमते होंगे|
HCL s basic plan of developing an indigenous microcomputer bore fruit in 1978 at the same time as Apple and three years before IBM.
In other words, it is concerned with the end result.
There is no restriction on anyone being designated or appointed as manager in any business enterprise.
They are subordinate to top managers and superior to the first line managers.
They are usually known as division heads, operations manager or plant superintendent.
At the same time they are responsible for all the activities of first line managers.
At the same time they are responsible for all the activities of first line managers.
Middle level management coordinates with both the top level and first line managers.
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