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Given are the examples of hindi word haalika usage in english sentences. The examples of haalika are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., insidious, lethal, deadly, destroyer, pernicious, fatal, deadliest, killing, mortal, capital, poison, life threatening, cultivator, agriculturist, farmer, peasant, tiller, agriculturalist, ploughman, butcher, pomegranate.

Growth of a business can be measured in terms of sales volume increase in the number of employees, the number of products or the increase in capital investment, etc.

It is the single-largest information technology-based intervention by a corporate entity in rural India, transforming the Indian farmer into a progressive knowledge-seeking citizen, enriching him with knowledge and elevating him to a new order of empowerment.
E-Choupal delivers real-time information and customised knowledge to improve the farmer s decision-making ability, thereby better aligning farm output to market demands; securing better quality, productivity and improved price discovery.
Given the low levels of literacy in the rural sector, the role of the Choupal Sanchalak, the lead farmer of the village, in facilitating physical interface between the computer terminal and the farmers is central to the project.
E-Choupal Smart Cards enable farmer identification to provide customised information on the E-Choupal website.
The dabbawallas rely on low capital and use cycles, wooden carriages and local trains to achieve their target.
They may themselves supply the capital needed to run the enterprise, or they may borrow the capital.
Part of the revenue is paid out as rent for the service rendered by land, part of it is paid to capital as interest and part of it goes to labour as wages.
In many underdeveloped countries production (in agriculture especially) is carried out by peasant families.
Neither do many peasant farms experience significant rise in capital stock over time.
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