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क्लिष्ट कल्पित - klisht kalpit meaning in hindi

 अँग्रेज़ी अर्थ उदाहरण
Suggested :
आह्नासित diminished
The threat of invasion was diminished after the Umayyad defeat at Narbonne
उपमर्द destruction
The purpose of military commanders is not to test their army to destruction
किंन्नर dispute
The only international dispute concerns the municipality of Olivença.
टमटम गाडी जिसमें दो घोडे एक के पीछे दूसरे जुते होते हैं। tandem
We marched to the door in tandem .
भव्य magnificent
Taj Mahal is a magnificent monument.

klisht kalpit अक्षरों की संख्या: 14 व्यंजन मात्रासहित । Transliterate in english : kliShTa kalpita
Related spellings : klisht kalpit

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