Meaning of (जागा) jaga in english - (जागा) Jaga meaning 

Meaning of (जागा) jaga in english

Suggested : manner of being situated location or position with reference to environment a basis or cause, as for some belief, action, fact, event, etc the unlimited or incalculably great three-dimensional realm or expanse in which all material objects are located and all events occur a rounded mark or stain made by foreign matter, as mud, blood, paint, ink, etc a blot or speck place stead
Exampleजागा का हिन्दी मे अर्थ

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Usage of जागा:
1. गोपालगंज में जहरीली शराब पीने से हुई 17 लोगों की मौत के बाद प्रशासन नींद से जागा हैlivehindustan.com2. यहां 30 लोगों की मौत के बाद भी नहीं जागा प्रशासन jagran.com3. रणदीप की बड़ी बहन वर्ल्ड फेमस सर्जन हैं और कास्टिंग काउच की शिकार हैं, वैसे कलाकार इतनी बढ़िया हैं कि उन्हीं को देखकर रणदीप के अंदर का कलाकार जागा था
1. The simplicity lieu of 2. Babylon-in-Egypt was more a strategic spot than an intellectual center. 3. As noted above, the redshift arises from the metric expansion of space 4. This was one reason for her later divorce from Hubbard. 5. Keaton commented about the situation in Ladies' Home Journal: "Let's face it 6. Schumacher stopped his car in the Rascasse corner 7. Its more valuable contents were evacuated to Windsor 8. Sometimes, however, a female will lay her eggs in the nest of another pair. 9. Hops may be added at more than one point during the boil. 10. Most of the modern rules appear to have been in place by about 820
(जागा) jaga can be used as noun. and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 4 including consonants matras. The word is used as Noun in hindi and falls under Feminine gender originated from modification of Hindi language by locals . Transliteration : jaagaa 
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