Meaning of jngama visha in english - Jngama Visha meaning 

Meaning of jngama visha in english

Interpreting jngama visha - जंगम विष
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jngama visha No of characters: 8 including consonants matras. The word is used as Noun in hindi and falls under Masculine gender originated from Sanskrit language . Transliteration : j.ngama viSha 
vishal khatri 19 September, 2021 SANSKRIT GIRL NAMES ♥ Visha विषा- understanding(wise) , a kind of aconite, a tree (commonly called अतिs, its bark is used as a red dye), Intellect � Vishantaki विषान्तकी- �poison-destroying, antidotal�. It is feminine of विषान्तक +< veerika/virika वीरिका- brave girl, courageous woman <> Veerini/Virini वीरिणी- a mother of sons, another name of wife of Daksha => Veerani/Virani वीरणी- a mother of sons ♥ Vihani/Vihaani विहानी- morning, related to dawn. It is feminine of विहान ♥ Vihana/Vihaana विहाना- morning, dawn. It is derived from Sanskrit word विहान >> Vaishakha वैशाखा- born in month Vaishakh/वैशाख , without branches, [ In ancient time it was the name of a lioness] # Vishalika विशालिका- big, magnificent, 'endearment form of Vishali' @ Vishalila विशालिला- big, broad <> Vishalini विशालिनी- very large, magnificent. It is derived from Sanskrit & hindi word विशाल ♥ Viveka विवेका-wisdom, judgement, discussion, discrimination [ between two things ], discretion true knowledge, investigation, faculty of distinguishing and classifying things according to their real properties => Viveki विवेकी- wise, intelligent, judicious >> Vivekini विवेकिनी -investigating, separated, prudent, distinguishing, discriminative, judicious, wise. It is feminine of विवेकिन् # Vivekita विवेकिता- wisdom, discriminativeness, discernment, judgement � Vivekata विवेकता- intelligence, discernment, discriminativeness �> Vivekavati विवेकवती- intelligent, possessing discrimination, judicious, discerning. It is feminine of विवेकवत् << viryaa वीर्या- valour, strength, power, energy,heroism, heroic deed ,manly vigour, virility, splendour, lustre , dignity @ viryavati वीर्यवती- possessing vigour or might, strong, powerful, efficacious, victorious, requiring strength or power. here वीर्य means vigour, victory, power + वती means possessing � viryavatta वीर्यवत्ता- power, strength, efficacy. => Viryatama वीर्यतमा- most potent or powerful or effective. It is feminine of वीर्यतम =< vishali विशाली- large, broad, eminent, great, illustrious ♥ vishalika विशालिका-large, great, wodier tree [ lannea coromandelica - bot.] # vishala विशाला- huge, broad, eminent, bitter cucumber [ citrullus colocynthis - bot. ], malabar spinach [ basella alba - bot. ], chickenweed plant [ portulaca quadrifiga - bot. ] >> Vishalada विशालदा- great, huge, camelthorn- bush [ Alhagi Maurorum - Bot. ] >< vishalakshi विशालाक्षी- "large-eyed", a form of goddess durga, indian heliotrope [ tiaridium indicum -bot. ]
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