Meaning of kor in english - Kor meaning 

Meaning of kor in english

Interpreting kor - कोर
Suggested : a feature that mars the perfection of something defect fault a shortcoming, fault, or imperfection either of the two forelimbs of most birds and of bats, corresponding to the human arms, that are specialized for flight a series of names or other items written or printed together in a meaningful grouping or sequence so as to constitute a record Military
a military organization consisting of officers and enlisted personnel or of officers alone
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Usage of कोर:
1. सेना पुलिस ने कोर डे के रूप में मनाया 77वां स्थापना दिवसlivehindustan.com2. भाजपा के देशभर के संगठन कोर ग्रुपों के साथ मंथन करने के बाद भाजपा अध्यक्ष अमित शाह राष्ट्रीय स्वयंसेवक संघ के प्रमुख नेताओं के साथ विचार विमर्श करेंगेlivehindustan.com3. भाजपा के अध्यक्ष अमित शाह ने 27 अगस्त को भाजपा शासित राज्यों के मुख्यमंत्रियों की और 23 अगस्त को सभी राज्यों के सांगठनिक कोर समूहों की बैठक बुलाई है
1. Knife corkscrew 2. Both of these run against a straight edge or shaped template. 3. He restructured the surviving Afrikaner armies into guerrilla corps 4. Sizes deviating from this list are considered non-standard. 5. In 1906 he flew the first fixed wing aircraft in Europe 6. It is a defect in a horse than having the big belly 7. Also said: Making a Hand horse, He let go a little flange 8. After many incidents with Kansans crossing the Western border for attacks 9. A skirt that eats 10. It also says in the theaters, the ledge which limits the front of the stage, and the row of lights that is placed along the rim
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kor can be used as noun. and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 3 including consonants matras. The word is used as Noun and/or Adjective in hindi and falls under Masculine gender originated from modification of Sanskrit, Hindi and/or English language by locals . Transliteration : kora 
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