Meaning of (रूपक) rupak in english - (रूपक) Rupak meaning 

Meaning of (रूपक) rupak in english

As noun : image
Suggested : a representation of an abstract or spiritual meaning through concrete or material forms figurative treatment of one subject under the guise of another a dramatic composition or piece drama a prominent or conspicuous part or characteristic a figure of speech in which a term or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable in order to suggest a resemblance, as in “A mighty fortress is our God” Compare mixed metaphor , simile ( def 1 ) a physical likeness or representation of a person, animal, or thing, photographed, painted, sculptured, or otherwise made visible
Exampleरूपक का हिन्दी मे अर्थ

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Usage of रूपक:
1. 25 जून • दूसरे और अंतिम दिन इंदौर के सारंगीनवाज़ फारुख़ लतीफ़ खान और बांसुरी वादक रूपक कुलकर्णी की जुगलबंदी होगी bhaskar.com2. थिएटर यथार्थ नहीं, रूपक है bhaskar.com3. डॉ. रूपक डे फिर बने प्रमुख वन संरक्षक LiveHindustan
1. Consideration of an image produced by X-rays on a suitable display 2. Fishing is a widely used as a metaphor though as such it is possibly ambiguous. 3. Currently parrots feature in many media. 4. Berrian left the Bears to play with the Minnesota Vikings 5. Cervantes relied heavily on allegory and on mythological elements. 6. allegorical meaning 7. Although metaphorical
(रूपक) rupak can be used as noun. and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 4 including consonants matras. The word is used as Noun in hindi and falls under Masculine gender originated from Sanskrit language . Transliteration : ruupaka 
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