Meaning of sujhav dena in english - Sujhav Dena meaning 

Meaning of sujhav dena in english

Interpreting sujhav dena - सुझाव देना
As noun : counsel advance
Other : suggest
Suggested : exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something labor toil to give counsel to offer an opinion or suggestion as worth following to offer or suggest (a matter, subject, case, etc) for consideration, acceptance, or action to move or bring forward advice opinion or instruction given in directing the judgment or conduct of another
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Usage of सुझाव देना:
1. आत्म-सुझाव यानी खुद को किसी निश्चित और विशिष्ट बात का सुझाव देना jagran.com2. स्वयं को सुझाव देना आत्म-सुझाव कहलाता है
1. Press the measure, in terms of music, means Accelerating the movement; and, figuratively, Speeding, advance a case 2. Although the process above assumes only the government can propose bills 3. It was neither the author nor advise this company 4. He forbade them there longer think of 5. Recent molecular studies suggest that they are related to Bilateria or Cnidaria
sujhav dena can be used as noun or verb and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 10 including consonants matras. Transliteration : sujhaava denaa 
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