aklul meaning in english

Word: அகலுள் - The tamil word have 6 characters and have more than one meaning in english.
aklul means
1. an extent or piece of something of definite or full width or as measured by its width
2. the state of being extended.
3. a densely populated area of considerable size, as a city or borough.
4. the territory of a nation.
5. large in number; numerous
6. a source of credit or distinction

Transliteration : aklul. Other spellings : aklul

Meanings in english :

As noun :
extension country Ex: The African country (அகலுள்) with the largest White African population is South Africa. honor

Meaning of aklul in tamil

aka lam / அக லம்
ur / ஊர்natu / நாடுperumai / பெருமை
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