nvai meaning in english

Word: நவை - The tamil word have 3 characters and have more than one meaning in english.
nvai means
1. a mark that detracts from appearance, as a pimple or a scar.
2. lack or want, especially of something essential to perfection or completeness; deficiency
3. responsibility for failure or a wrongful act
4. criminal activity and those engaged in it
5. harmful; injurious
6. a person, act, or thing that causes shame, reproach, or dishonor or is dishonorable or shameful.
7. a mean act

Transliteration : nvai Other spellings : nvai

Meanings in english :

Meaning of nvai in tamil

kuṟṟm / குற்றம் ikazchchi / இகழ்ச்சி

Identical words :

navaitirumakamam ( நவைதீருமாகமம் ) - faultless agamas
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