pavanai meaning in english

Word: பாவனை - The tamil word have 5 characters and have more than one meaning in english.
pavanai means
1. the action or process of forming such images or concepts.
2. fertilization; inception of pregnancy.
3. the artistic ability of creating unreal or whimsical imagery, decorative detail, etc., as in poetry or drawing.
4. the state of being represented.
5. a crude representation of someone disliked, used for purposes of ridicule.
6. any visible image , however produced
7. manners.
the prevailing customs, ways of living, and habits of a people, class, period, etc.; mores
8. the conduct or obedience of a child in school, as graded by a teacher.

Transliteration : pāvaṉai Other spellings : pavanai

Meanings in english :

Meaning of pavanai in tamil

chamaskarattilonṟu / சமஸ்காரத்திலொன்று
tiyanam / தியானம்
pavanarupam / பாவனாரூபம்
oppu / ஒப்பு
vesham / வேஷம்
ntttai / நடத்தை

Identical words :

pavanaikatta ( பாவனைகாட்ட ) - to imitatepavanaicheyya ( பாவனைசெய்ய ) - to conceive in the mind
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