Designate example sentences

The last amount column is designated as 'Miscellaneous' followed by a 'Remarks' column.One such step is compulsory inspection of certain products by a competent agency as designated by the government.This column is designed to have distinct values and therefore can be designated as primary key of the table.The liberal politician Carl Welcker, an elected member of the Frankfurt Parliament, expressed the following views: 'Nature has created men and women to carry out different functions … Man, the stronger, the bolder and freer of the two, has been designated as protector of the family, its provider, meant for public tasks in the domain of law, production, defence.The data type of this column is text with field size equal to Being a column to store unique values and also because of its capability to identify an employee record, it is designated as primary key field.This field has been designated as primary key because it has unique values across a set of category records.If the product to be exported comes under such a category, the exporter needs to contact the Export Inspection Agency (EIA) or the other designated agency for obtaining inspection certificate.After receipt of the freight, the shipping company issues a bill of lading which serves as an evidence that the shipping company has accepted the goods for carrying to the designated destination.A shipping order is an instruction to the captain of the ship that the specified goods after their customs clearance at a designated port be received on board.The size of the commons varied from one village to another, so there were no designated boundaries or boundary hits.There is no restriction on anyone being designated or appointed as manager in any business enterprise.

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