anointing meaning in marathi

Word: anointing
Meaning of anointing in english - baptism

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
lunthan ( लुंठण )
Synonyms of anointing
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another name for cakradharas devotee lākhāïse by casteanother name of the place āvaḍhā-nāganātha koanother sectanotheranswerant hillantantagonisticanticipationantidote for poisonanvilanxietyanxiousany amountany one of the four goals of human lifeany small gainanyanyoneanywhereaphorismappearance and disappearanceappearance of respectabilityappearanceappelation of cakradharaappelation of śivaappellation of bhaṭobāsa nāgadevaappellation of nāgadevaappellation of śivaappliance for preparing medicineapplication